The art of transport

In 1946, Guy Farin started his business as a transporter of fine art with one small van and one garage for storage.

For more than 20 years now, the company has been run by his son, Michel Farin. With a fleet of 6 trucks and 16 employees, Farin Art Transport is recognised today as the Belgian market leader in fine art transport.

Farin can help you with all your artworks, providing collection, delivery, handling, hanging and packaging (bubble wrap, cardboard, wood), for private owners, galleries and exhibitions.

We take care of all customs and transit procedures, transport documents, export licences, administration and billing.

We also have storage facilities in Brussels and Paris.

We are present at most art showrooms in Europe.


  • I wish to thank Farin for completing my move successfully and with great professionalism.
    Marie Leclaire
  • Thanks to the Farin team for transporting and setting up my stand. Excellent work!
  • My move from Paris to Brussels was carried out with impressive efficiency, and your men took care of our every need. A big thank you to everyone!
    M. de Halleux

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Our highly trained team specialises in the transport and handling of antiques, paintings, sculptures and artworks for over 60 years.

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Every piece is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of packaging techniques and can provide made-to-measure crates.

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Setting up and dismantling exhibitions

Our priority is absolute respect for the artwork. Our teams are past masters in heavy lifting and moving, as well as in handling the most delicate artworks.

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Customs and insurance

6 people work full-time on the administrative procedures to ensure that the transport goes smoothly from start to finish.

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We have 9,500 m2 of storage space in Brussels, divided into private rooms, containers and safes.

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We can also take care of your private move to any destination, from packing up to unpacking at the other end.

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